My Open Jobs, LLC

April 2013 Stats: 877,210 Registered Users (HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical Job Seekers)

For this weeks Blog, we wanted to update you on the stats of our registered users (Job Seekers). To maximize the number of job seeker registrations every day, we’re constantly testing new ideas to see what works and what doesn’t.  Although some of our ideas fail miserably, a few new recruiting strategies have been a huge success and have helped to increase our daily registrations of job seekers by nearly 60% in April. Below is breakdown of the most popular segments of our user base;

HVAC Technicians: 137,486

Plumbers: 67,468

Electricians: 85,337

HVAC Installers: 40,965

Dispatchers: 50,600

Managers: 46,145

Sales Representatives: 13,428

You can find out exactly how many of these people fit what you’re looking for (in your local area), by setting up a PREVIEW account on any of our sites at NO COST. Already have a PREVIEW account? just login to your existing account at add a “Profile Alert” to see exactly how many people fit your needs, along with a summary of each persons background and experience.

Save 25% on your next Job Posting: Use Employer Group Code: BLOG2013


Plumbing Agent

Electrical Agent


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