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How To Attract Top Hvac Installers

Competition may be keen for highly qualified hvac installers over the next few years. First, one wave of installers is reaching retirement age. Second, with the typical life of an HVAC system at about 10-15 years, many residential units installed during the construction boom early in the century will soon be requiring either replacement or significant maintenance.

The growth in demand for installers translates into an inevitable increase in competition for the best candidates.

Locating the right installers requires some patience and forethought. Here are a few creative ways to find the people that you will need to successfully grow your business:

Watch area contractors in transition — Contractors may not always discontinue their businesses at retirement. Some will sell their firms. However, either way, these transitions often create movement among employees. A little effort invested in tracking top installers in the area can pay off over time.

Consider mentoring or internship programs — Area high schools can be a ready source of future installers. Why not add on or two as interns? Many schools already have programsm established anyway that give students real world experience in their chosen vocations. Interested students will gain valuable experience and your business will gain some added help.

Sell prospective employees like they are customers — It’s so easy to get wrapped up in where the next customer is coming from. It often becomes second nature to know just how to pitch the next customer. However, its also important to realize that, to acquire the most qualified candidates, you’ve got to sell applicants on your business as well.

Put yourself in their shoes. A possible new employee will be looking for some of the same things that your customers are searching for: professionalism, courtesy, and awareness of the latest products.

At My Open Jobs, LLC., we can help you to streamline your search for qualified candidates. Try a free preview account, and set up an unlimited number of profile alerts. Please contact us today.


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