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Selecting plumbers, electricians and hvac installers

Selecting a good employee is more involved than finding someone who has the basic skills.  An often missed step is to ensure that your company is attractive to potential hires, so that you’ll have a bigger pool of applicants to choose from.  You may be all too familiar with the need to market your company to customers, but marketing to potential employees makes good business sense as well.

When looking to hire plumbers, electricians or hvac installers it’s important to ask the question, “How does my company look to an outsider.”  An employer that appears fair, professional and communicates well about the services they provide is an important first step.  If you’re looking to hire someone that will stay on with your company, you’re increasing your chances by providing a professional work environment and giving some forethought to the hiring process.

Before making any hiring decisions, consider your current employees.  What about them do you like best?  What about them makes them good workers?  You might be surprised at your own thoughts.  Perhaps a good attitude is more important than initial skill level.  A new employee with a willingness to learn and increase skills is a good match for any company that provides these opportunities.  Skills training will keep your employees engaged and will give your business a competitive edge in an ever changing industry.

The ability to communicate well is an attribute that every employer should strive for and that good employees should demonstrate.  An employee who is easy to talk with, and who is pleasant when interacting with customers, provides a great benefit to your business.  Asking for references and making those phone calls can provide a more well-rounded perspective in considering prospective employees.

Think ahead of time about what you can afford to pay employees and what their future career path might look like.  If new employees know there is potential for advancement, and what it takes to get there, they’ll be more motivated to stay with the job and improve their skills.  Importantly, you’ll avoid any confusion about what it takes to get a raise, and how much different levels of employees get paid.

Hiring someone new is a big step.  By considering your presentation, being thorough in the interview process, and giving weight to attitude and communication skills, you’ll have a leg up on finding a new employees who will stay with you and help your business grow.

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