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Tips for Recruiting Plumbing Employee’s

As a business owner or hiring manager, you want to recruit and retain the best employee’s that you can find. How do you accomplish this goal in a market that has a constant or increasing demand for professionals, but not always a sufficient supply? Where do you look to find the best talent, and how do you find the right match for your company?

According to Joe Schmitt, president of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors – National Association, in a 2008 Contractor Magazine article:

“There is a need for about 900,000 new plumbing and HVAC technicians over the next seven years, according to government figures,” he noted. “That is an astonishing figure. We need to start now, even though the economy is down, to build an effective workplace for the future.” The association’s biggest challenge will be to attract younger contractors in order to maintain and grow membership.

How do you attract young plumbing employee’s? Some industry experts suggest highlighting the recent advances in technology and emphasizing how certain tasks are easier than they once were. In addition, recruiters should focus on trade schools with promising numbers of students. Whether you look at local high schools, or even middle schools, it’s never too early to reach out to the best and brightest, regardless of their current age.

Some pitfalls to avoid when recruiting plumbing employee’s include:

  • Seeking experience over customer service. A candidate with advanced technical knowledge but no interpersonal skills could be difficult to manage, so don’t focus on one trait exclusively over the other. Someone with the right attitude can always learn new skills on the job.
  • Not marketing your business effectively. You won’t reach the maximum number of qualified applicants by relying only on word of mouth, for example. Be active in professional groups, such as those on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.
  • Using a generic employment application. It doesn’t usually provide valuable information on job candidates.

We can help you with your recruitment efforts. When you set up your account, we provide tools for making the process simpler, including templates for customized employment forms, profile alerts, and other recruiting tools.

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