In this day and age, before hiring plumbing and electrical service providers, almost everyone searches online to find people to contact. While searching online, potential customers are sure to run into reviews of your business. Make sure you don’t give your customers a reason to write a bad review, as it will influence your future […]


If you miss out on a great person, be sure to ask them if they know anyone else that might be interested. For example: “Well __(applicants name)___, I would really love to have you working for us, but since I’ve missed out with you, is there anyone else that you know that might be qualified? […]

Many people go to work every day unhappy.  They are going through the motions of arriving, working, taking breaks and leaving because it’s what they are supposed to do.  They hold on to the job because it’s the only option to pay their bills.  Employees are not being appreciated; this kills motivation and stirs dreams […]

Thinking about starting a contracting business? You’re in luck. Because according to many market watchers, now’s the time given the steady rise in the construction industry’s value over the next three years. Before you start, however, first be aware that the process of starting a contracting business is not that much different from starting any […]

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It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing menu of social media channels, online marketing opportunities, and search engine optimization theories. Small businesses often don’t have time to invest in every new trend that comes along in the online world, and that’s okay. When it comes to prioritizing social…


Once you’ve determined that a candidate is someone that you would like to hire, you’ve got to do a great job selling him or her on why they need to work for you and not someone else. Just like sales, you’ve got to differentiate yourself from your competition to attract the best people. What are […]

It’s no secret, return customers are essential for a business to thrive. A business that relies on customers can not survive without them. So if you are looking at ways to keep your customers coming back, the first thing you should look to is how your current and past customers are spokespeople for your brand. Meaning, […]

Bad Employee

If you think that you hired someone who plays their own game, and lives by their own rules, chances are it is pretty obvious and you’re not wrong. Having confidence, a high self-esteem, and the ability to back it up is one thing. But too much in either direction, and you are likely dealing with […]


Ask yourself this; if this person were a superstar, would they be desperate for what I have to offer? The answer is probably NO. A superstar can find a job anywhere, and they know it! Don’t just leave one or two messages for someone and then forget about them. If you believe that person could […]

Positivity and negativity in the work place go a long way, affecting performance, motivation, and teamwork. While there’s no one rule about how to keep a positive work environment, the four tips below offer key strategies for employers to consider. #1 – Maintain Accountability: In order for employees to feel like their work means something, […]

Today, what’s the best way for small business to reach prospective customers, those with money to spend on that home or office upgrade? New electrical, or HVAC installs? One way is to use the right mix of technology in your marketing starting by… Not overlooking the importance of the ‘mobile’ platform… Business know how crucial […]


Start building a direct mail list of every single person that you’ve ever interviewed, ever sent you a resume, filled out an application or been listed as a technical reference for any past applicants. Keep updating and adding new names to this list as you continue to get new applicants and start a monthly/quarterly direct […]

Everyone knows who they are; those people who make your work environment hostile.  These people are irritating, disrespectful employees who show up late, leave early, don’t do the work on time (or not at all) and have excuses for everything.  You can’t do anything right with them.  It’s frustrating enough that co-workers and customers are […]

McGraw-Hill Construction is predicting a strong 2014 for the Non Residential sector with a forecast of almost a 6% increase and an 8% increase in 2015. They also forecast a 10.3% increase in Commercial for this year and 10.8% in 2015.Also, a recent poll of leaders in the HVAC industry indicated strong optimism for 2014 business, […]


If you talk to someone that sounds like they would be a fit, but they’ve just taken another job or decided to accept someone else’s offer other than yours, add them to a HOT LIST to follow-up with every month. If the new job doesn’t work out, you want that person to think of you […]

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you give traditional gifts like candy and cards? Or perhaps you prefer to give flowers like roses? Or maybe you don’t celebrate it at all. No matter, you’ll still be interested in learning how other countries around the world do. While most countries give in to tradition and give […]


You made a big commitment to start your own electrical contractor’s business, but the time was right and the money was there. Now, you have a couple of trucks and a local building. Aside from advertising in the local chamber of commerce publications, and getting listed in a number of directories, you haven’t had the […]


Your revenue is dependent upon your ability to locate and hire the key people you need. Understanding the value of top talent is the first step in the recruiting process. Until you know what a potential employee is worth to your company, you can’t determine what you’re willing to invest to recruit them. The value […]

Your top master plumber just quit and you have a major job that’s coming in a few days. So you try to rush through the recruiting and hiring process just to fill the void. Stop and slow down! Get a staffing company to provide you with a temporary substitute so you can take your time […]

Electrical engineers create, test, and oversee the production of electrical components. They develop such equipment as communications systems, generators, and navigation devices. The position typically requires a bachelor’s degree, although having a Professional Engineer license can increase job opportunities. Basics According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), electrical engineers averaged $91,810 per year, […]


As you’ll notice, I haven’t said a word about money yet. That’s because money is rarely what attracts a good employee or keeps them with your company. It’s the intangibles that I’ve talked so much about. It’s the way they feel when they come to work every day and that’s determined by everything else. Don’t […]

It seems that not a day goes by without some new social media site popping up that your business has to be on in order to succeed. And the secret to better marketing for a small business always involves throwing more money at advertising media. This supposedly exposes you to a greater pool of customers […]


Every business needs some form of technology. It’s is virtually impossible to run any business (even the smallest ones) without it. You will need some form of computers, sometimes smartphones, perhaps a website, and other tech-associatives that you may never never even heard of. Thus, cost is always an issue. That’s where “open source” comes […]


One of the characteristics of many top performers is that they always want to better themselves and advance their knowledge about their chosen profession. If you aren’t willing to promote and support their quest, they’ll find another company that is. Helping your employees to better themselves benefits you directly. The better they are at what […]

Workers Comp is one of the greatest time problems facing any business owner, on any level, in the entire U.S. In fact, last year, according to Forbes, it was estimated that $117 billion was lost due to wage replacement from “absence due to illness as well as workers compensation and both short and long-term disability.” A statistic […]

Locating, hiring and training the right employees involves time, money, and effort. You thus want these workers to remain with your firm as long as possible. If you want to keep them motivated, productive, and performing at peak efficiency, avoid the following management mistakes. Criticizing them publicly. It’s hard enough to hear that you’ve made […]


Now, let’s talk about the other extreme, being abusive to your employees or supporting an abusive work environment. Are you the type of owner or manager that will yell and scream at an employee in front of their peers? I hope not. That type of emotional abuse simply drives away good employees and should never […]

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of year. The family, the gifts, the gatherings, the food (the time off of work!). But did you know that the current incarnation of Santa Claus was only adopted in the 19th century? Even though the jolly, fat man has been around since the Middle Ages, it was the red suit […]

What would Christmas be without the songs and movies that help shape the season? Imagine cozying up on the couch and not having A Christmas Story or It’s a Wonderful Life to watch and get you into the spirit, or turning on some music and having Frosty or Rudolph absent. Sure, by the end we […]

We all celebrate Christmas in different ways. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, while other wait until the morning of Christmas Day. Some people eat ham and turkey, while others prefer Italian food or pizza. But did you know that in Australia they oftentimes celebrate Christmas on the beach because December in Australia is […]

As any HVAC pro will tell you, the backbone of the system is its ‘heat exchanger,’ the device that will transfer heat from one medium to another efficiently. Some heat-exchanger configurations transfer the heat more efficiently than other setups. This can drive overall operational costs lower for a business or industrial site. Keeping competitive is […]


Ok, I’ve talked about honesty enough; now let’s talk about company benefits. I don’t expect you to be able to offer the level of benefits of a Fortune 100 company, but you have to provide the bare essentials; health insurance and vacation/sick days. And you need to pay for at least 50% of the cost […]

You spent a lot of years getting the right training, and working for good companies, but now you’re looking forward to starting your own plumbing business. As a new plumber going into business, you’re focused on advertising and your small business. No surprise, there are a lot of plumbers in your geographic area, but you plan to […]

Issues that affect the HVAC industry are not singular in scope: it’s not just the technology, or the environment or new energy requirements, or the improving economy. In fact, all of these considerations are driving the growth in this sector, according to a recent global industry analysis. Furthermore, the expected compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, […]


Honesty is the next thing I want to talk about. If you’re not completely honest with your customers and employees, it will always come back to bite you. If your company was recently featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, Dateline or your local news for deceptive sales practices, your problems are likely way too big for […]

In 1620 a group of English settlers left for North America on a ship called the Mayflower. They arrived around 1621 and set up camp in a tiny settlement they called Plymouth, which later became to first permanent settlement in what is now New England. This is a story that all school children learn each […]

What’s happening in the economy and how does it relate to the plumbing industry? That’s something not everyone ponders enough in a time when just about every career has been affected by the economy. For those interested in plumbing careers, though, they want to know what their job prospects are and the chances for growth. […]


So how do you attract the best people? Let’s start with their initial call to your company in response to an employment opportunity. Think of this as the courting process. If you were trying to get someone to go out on a date, you’d go out of your way to make them feel comfortable with […]

You assume that the resumes and forms submitted by an electrical job applicant are basically accurate and truthful. However, you also know that these documents only reveal what an applicant want you to know. To truly find out what a potential employee is all about, you can check out his virtual life. Start with his […]

Halloween, or what is sometimes called All Hallow’s Eve, is celebrated in many countries throughout the world. But what is now a holiday all about candy, used to be a sacred day that was celebrated to ward off evil spirits. How did it all begin? And where are some of the traditions from?  Roots Halloween’s […]


It all comes down to “Quality of Life”. Is the quality of their life better working for you than it would be working for someone else? If the answers yes, it’s a good marriage. If the answer’s no, you get divorced. If you haven’t been providing a good quality of life for your employees, word […]

Running a business is hard work. Being successful at what you do takes dedication and commitment to meet your goals, while still fulfilling the needs of yourself and your employees. With categories ranging from healthcare to benefits to marketing (among others on the sometimes huge list), it can be a daunting task to stay focused […]

The right steps for growing your small business is often keyed to obtaining leads, and knowing when—and how—to act on them.   Back in the 1990’s, there was a simplistic view on just what was the best way to develop customers and handle leads, according to Eric Markowitz, staff writer for, “How to Best harness Inbound Marketing Leads.’’ Then, […]


If you want to hire the best people, you have to be perceived as one of the best companies to work for. If your expectation level for the quality of your employees is higher than what you can provide them in return, it simply doesn’t work. Just like in marriage, if one spouse doesn’t feel […]

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (August 2013), construction rates landed just above the July estimates. The rate also remains above August rates from the prior year. Privately-owned housing starts in August 2013 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 891,000, about .9% above the revised July 2013 estimate of 883,000 and above the […]

Electrical drafters convert the ideas of engineers and technicians into drawings and plans by using software. Manufacturing staff can then use these plans to produce such devices as circuits, headphones, and TV sets. The profession typically requires a postsecondary education in the form of an associate degree from a community college or technical school. Electrical […]

As a business owner, you try to keep up on how to advertise for your small business. Recently, you tried a direct mail campaign, but the responses were minimal with no significant jump in the number of visits to your website. Then, you did more research and discovered you needed to refine your strategy and target your […]

Social media and your small business are becoming more interrelated as the digital landscape expands: It makes good business sense to understand how using these networks impacts return-on-investment (ROI). A few Social Media Marketing tips on the Forbes website may help the small business owner devise a strategy after seeing how larger companies are using the […]


Almost every community has a local paper. The interesting thing that people don’t know is that the community papers typically all belong to their states press association. Through this association, you can place a classified ad that will run in every single newspaper in that state. In most cases, the cost of running an ad […]

The economic recession brought new construction to a grinding halt, thus impacting the HVAC industry severely. What’s more, the number of foreclosures nationwide added further brakes to the housing market; consequently, too, the commercial markets reacted negatively to the downturn. With today’s uptick in the housing market, and incremental growth in business sectors in general, […]


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